The University of Delaware's Information Technologies (IT) supports high-performance computing (HPC) and networking for researchers and scholars. It is home to the Community Cluster program that builds and manages research-computing platforms to leverage high-performance filesystems, high-speed networks, and a wide variety of research software packages. IT operates and supports these resources and assists the research community in their use. See the UD HPC Wiki for more information.

Use of University HPC resources can be granted to UD faculty, staff, and students, and colleagues located elsewhere. The resources are used to support research and HPC instruction. IT research staff often partner with faculty who are engaged in funded research projects, including proposal preparation.


HPC On-Demand

UD faculty, staff, and students may make limited use of certain HPC resources using the HPC On-Demand service. The service provides application-specific job submission web interfaces that accept input file(s), execute the job, and then expose any output files for download. Jobs take advantage of CPU cycles that would otherwise be unused.


hpc-ask is a Google group established to stimulate interactions within UD’s broader HPC community and is based on members helping members. It is a valuable venue in which to post a question, start a discussion, or share an upcoming event with the HPC community. Anyone may request membership. Messages are sent as a daily summary to all group members. This list is archived, public, and searchable by anyone.

National cyber resources

Researchers whose cyberinfrastructure needs exceed what is available at UD should investigate other national resources such as Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE). IT is a participating member of the XSEDE Campus Champion program, which is part of XSEDE's Education and Outreach activity. For more information, see XSEDE use at UD.


IT provides HPC training through a variety of formats to assist the UD research community in the use of HPC resources. UD research support staff offer in-house tutorials and workshops as well as coordinate and assist with webinars hosted through XSEDE online training, VSCSE summer schools, and various HPC hardware and software vendors.


Consult the UD HPC Wiki for most of our online training and documentation for IT-managed clusters, software, and services.


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