This site provides specific HPC cluster and information for the University of Delaware’s active community clusters—Mills and Farber. This website will help you check on the status of the cluster, nodes and queues, inform you of system alerts, provide specific information about individual nodes, and manage your HPC account.

For cluster details and specifications, visit the IT Research Computing website.

For documentation about the clusters and the software installed on them, visit the HPC Wiki.


The following table summarizes the centrally-managed HPC systems:

cluster namelinks
Mills (mills.hpc.udel.edu)Detailed system informationCluster status pageGanglia
Caviness (caviness.hpc.udel.edu)Detailed system informationGanglia
DARWIN (darwin.hpc.udel.edu)Detailed system informationGanglia
Farber (farber.hpc.udel.edu)Detailed system informationCluster status pageGanglia
  • Detailed system information displays information about cluster attributes, offline nodes, and nodes disabled for maintenance.
  • Cluster status page displays live information concerning IT-managed software packages, job stats, and system alerts for a cluster.
  • Ganglia displays live and historical vital statistics for the nodes in a cluster.
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